Schawkie’s Method

schawkie-2013-in-garden-500pxwFrom my home in the Marin County town of Woodacre, I teach the fundamentals of music on flute and saxophone: good tone, playing in tune, understanding of harmony, melody, rhythmic phrasing, counting measures, and sight reading. I also teach improvisation and the theory of Jazz harmony including piano improvisation and harmonic composition and writing. I teach without criticism and without wounding the student. I work from the inner desires of the student, rather than imposing a musical agenda onto the student. I also teach native American style flute and bamboo flute. My relationship to the student is more important than the particular difficulties of learning the music. Humor and support are important in learning music. I do arrange to have my students record their music when they are ready. I also believe learning music needs to be fun!

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During the last 25 years I recorded about 20 albums of which 16 are now on CD. Since I was a child I have been playing the piano and saxophone, and for the past thirty-five years, the bamboo and silver flute. My recordings are for meditation and easy listening. I have been a teacher of music for about 15 years and enjoy it very much. I hold M.A. in psychology and studied privately with other jazz teachers in the bay area and abroad to gain my knowledge of Jazz and Classical music.

Schawkie in performance:

Part One of Concert

Schawkie Roth, Tenor Saxophone and Music Director
Max Perkoff, Piano – Mark Peabody, Bass – Spike Loren Klein, Drums

A Love Supreme – Composed in 1964 by John Coltrane (1926 – 1967)
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Part 1 – A Love Supreme

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