Schawkie Roth is a composer who specializes in meditation & relaxation music for healing and massage. He also specializes in acoustic jazz for upliftment and wellbeing through the sounds and the solos. He is well known as one of the originators of the form of music called New Age Music. The inspiration for this music comes from the practice of meditation combined with a relaxed lifestyle and a spiritual consciousness. The primary instruments used are silver flute, bamboo flute, and saxophone usually with some accompaniment from harp, cello, piano, zither, kalimba, hand drums, and bass. His life has consistently focused on music and the healing arts. He lives in Marin County, California, where he composes, teaches, performs and records his music inspired by Nature and the spirit of Love. The catalog of albums on CD form an expression of his life work in progress.


Schawkie Roth - Marin County Jazz Musician