Music is where Joy meets God. Listening is letting God meet You. It as an initiation into a higher order of Being which resides within every one of us. Whatever you hear deeply with love becomes you! I feel that the union of technical mastery and divinely inspired composition is what all the great composers aim for in life. It is a noble pathway to fulfillment in musical and spiritual life.

schawkie-fluteharpxmas-450pWith this realization, a decision came from within to record and channel Heavenly Music. Inner guidance created the support and the friendship for this to happen in my life. So, with Love, this music has come forth into the world for the purpose of healing, upliftment, relaxation, meditation, and to soothe the souls of men and women and all Beings in the Creation. Feeling a deep sense of unity with the earth and also feeling the warmth and glow of the Transcendent Spirit, the first work to come forth was entitled, ‘Heaven on Earth,’ to encourage all others to bring Heaven to Earth for the sake of healing ourselves and our planet as we are destined to do for our Creator and the Creation.

If you can use this music to merge with That Infinite Essence, Supreme Intelligence and Love, then all the joy of channeling this music will be multiplied a thousandfold!

ln the moment of listening, let yourself truly relax and return to the Source within. Then remember that the Presence, Silence and beauty is within you. let the music refresh you, flowing through your infinite mind-body-soul, touching the inner Source of Life, and becoming you in the deepest sense.